Mogo, Asbury Park NJ

If you’ve never been to Mogo in Asbury Park, New Jersey, then you have yet to experience the most glorious fusion of flavors that ever did exist. Seriously, I don’t care if you’ve got to bike, fly, swim or all of the above, however you choose to mobilize yourself make sure you drop what you are doing right now and get your butt over to Mogo.

Pork Belly Burrito Bowl

What the heck is Mogo you ask? I am cringing because I know many of my readers will be asking themselves this very question, and for that, I pity you. Mogo takes traditional Korean flavors, elevates them, and then crafts them into beautiful tacos, among other awesome options.

Two pork belly burrito bowls, pico de gallo, and fish lettuce cups!

Their flavors range from tangy, sweet, and spicy, and each visit leaves you feel 10x happier than when you walked in, it’s magic I swear. Each dish is phenomenal on it’s own, however, Mogo has the most amazing kimchi bar which consists of their housemade cucumber, daikon radish, and cabbage kimchi as well as their asian pear hot sauce, all of which take your meal to the next level!

Tofu burrito bowl over kimchi fried rice

If you happen to be in the area, check out Mogo at their location on Cookman Ave, or in the summer on the Asbury Park boardwalk, you will not be disappointed! Oh and did I mention it’s BYOB…. all the more reason to grab a few buddies and head on over for a taco experience you’ll remember till the day you die.

Korean chicken wings, corn esquites, and an assortment of tacos!


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  1. Our feasts look so cute!!

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